Function and Framework

Strong governance framework to protect stakeholders‘ interests

Deutsche Bank is committed to maintaining a best-in-class corporate governance framework in line with international standards and legal requirements and established a Group Governance Function, mandated to define, implement and monitor a governance framework for Bank globally, facilitate its cross-unit application, assess the respective implementation and ultimately to act as its guardian.

Group Governance addresses corporate governance issues throughout Deutsche Bank Group, develops and safeguards efficient corporate governance structures, suitable to support efficient decision-making, to align risk and accountability on the basis of clear and consistent roles and responsibilities, putting a strong focus on enhancing a clear organizational structure along core corporate governance drivers.

It covers the following key framework setting areas:

Internal and Local Management Governance Focus: Strengthening organizational structures and decision-making across the matrix.
Position Governance Focus: Ensuring transparency and consistency of organizational structures and strengthen accountability along a correspondent empowerment.
Board, Branch & Committee Governance Focus: Proper set up, functioning and documentation of decision-making bodies with emphasis on individual responsibility and accountability.
Policy Governance Focus: Maintenance of an adequate policy landscape to support the Bank’s control framework.
Legal Entity Management Focus: Oversight over changes of the legal entity structure.